Social Media App for Opportunities

Go2Life is an application for the socialist network built with a vision to connect people on social media networks. It aims to connect individuals and empower them to explore job opportunities effortlessly. Not only this, this app also serves as a versatile platform for buying and selling a wide range of products and services with just a single click.

About Go2Life

Go2Life is a unique social networking platform that revolutionizes job opportunities. This social networking platform lets users build professional profiles, share images, and engage with posts through likes and comments. In addition, users can enjoy the reels and engage with each other through chat. This allows you to seamlessly follow every step from applying to getting hired—all in one platform & hassle-free.

Challenges Faced in Our Project

This app is unique, fulfilling our client’s vision with a fresh approach combining multiple benefits in one comprehensive platform. The aim is to develop a modern social media app integrated with job opportunities. Also, it addresses the modern preferences of today’s users. The primary challenge lies in establishing a seamless job portal containing the entire journey from applying to hiring. Other hurdles are encountered along the way, such as:

Job Application Process Optimization

Ensuring a smooth and efficient job application process within the app poses a challenge. 

Data Security and Privacy

As the app works with user data, it necessitates strong security features to protect data and privacy.

Seamless UI for Enhanced User Experience

The application includes several functions & social media activities. As a result, a seamless UI was required to provide an excellent user experience.

tecHangouts’ Solution for Go2Life

Go2Life is not an ordinary social networking app. It was created using both powerful technology and a solid business concept. Our excellent mobile app development team also took the stronger idea as a challenge. It came up with an e innovative solution, as mentioned below:


Users can develop a profile by providing their name, email address, phone number, job description, and other relevant details.


Anything is accessible to users on their feed, including photos, videos, job descriptions, and other content. Any post on their feed can be liked, commented on, or shared by them.

Make Connection

Once a connection is accepted, users can connect with other users on the app, browse their profiles, and initiate conversations with them.


Users can communicate with their connections once a connection request is accepted, facilitating engagement and interaction with others.

Apply for Jobs

Various companies listed on the Go2Life platform update open job profiles for other users to apply for the job. Users not only have to fill in the required details, but they can also follow all the steps until the company hires them. These features offer chat, video chat & numerous features for both candidates & organizations.

Market Place

Go2Life marketplace connects you to millions, buying & selling anything you dream of – products and services in one vibrant hub.

Key Features of the Go2Life

Job Portal

E-commerce Business App

Customer Application

Technology Stacks


tecHangouts gave the business idea of Go2Life a push! Our social media app and job portal app solution completely satisfied their business goals. The Go2Life app provides a better customer experience with safe and secure transactions. Our solution helped them analyze user data easily and integrate the functionality of chatbots to help the admin resolve any query that the customer may be having.

tecHangouts offered four major solutions – customer app, admin panel, job portal, and business panel.

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