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The size of the global market for on-demand home services is projected to reach USD 1,574.86 billion between 2020 and 2024.At Jacks4Hire the safety and security for our clients are the top priorities.
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The #1 App for Home Services and Service Providers!


Chat with The Tradesmen

The on demand home services platform includes the number of services that’s why we have enabled the chat option into our mobile application so that it become easy for our users to explain their needs and requirements to the service provider. Book an appointment for any home service that you need in just a click?

Easily Find Out The Electrician

Find out the match of your needs for a top-class reliable electrician’s services in an easy way with the help of the smooth features that we have delivered through our mobile application. You are going to meet a highly trained professional in just a call! You can schedule your time as per your availability..!!


Call Your Hair Stylist at Home

It is very hustle to visit a salon for the hair care but tecHangouts helps to avoid this hustle by providing the perfect hair stylist home services through the on-demand home services. Get an affordable and hygienic hair stylist at your home. We have made the number of features available in our application!

Clean Your House

 Our on-demand home services app came up with the original idea to let clients pick the services they want and combine them into a single, personalized solution.  Get your house cleaned and well-managed by choosing the right home service provider from our application.

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House Renovation

We are successfully enables to provide the service providers to keep your home safe while also staying within your budget!


Use the advanced filter to find out a perfect cleaning services for your house. Choose the service that you have required very easily!


Pick up your suitable time and get the on-demand laundry or dry-cleaning services under your pocket-friendly budget!


As you have on right On-demand mobile application, Order your favorite food and get this delivered on time at your door!

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