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Flovely is the best way to buy flowers and gifts in Jakarta. We work with the best florists in the city to bring you a huge selection of beautiful bouquets and arrangements. You can also create your own custom bouquet or box with our easy-to-use tools. Plus, we’ll deliver your flowers directly to you or your loved ones, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Find Your Match with The Impressive Dating Feature

Hey! Singles, pay attention: You need to be on Flovely if you’re looking for love, want to start dating, or just keep things casual. It’s the place to go if you want to meet your next ideal mate, with over a thousand pairings already made. Let’s face it, the dating scene nowadays is significantly different because the majority of individuals meet online. The most well-known dating app in the world, Flovely, gives you access to millions of other singles who are eager to find someone just like you. Prepare to make a special life decision by finding your ideal match!

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We are sure that each and every recipient will have fond recollections thanks to the new premium flower experience from FLOVELY. To ensure that our consumers receive the real deal, we take particular care to choose the best graphics for our products. Due to their attention to customer service and deep-seated love of flowers, FLOVELY is a great option because of the high quality of their products.


We have currently provided the simplest ordering procedure so that customers can utilise this program without encountering any difficulties. You can customise the ordering procedure so that you can select the colour that best suits your needs. By choosing your location and delivery time, you may choose the colour of the flower and the wrapping paper with ease. So, tell the application your delivery time and get your goods on time!

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When you order anything online, it becomes an exciting moment. You are anxious to see if the item is everything you hoped it would be. When it arrives, you are thrilled to have it in your possession. Whether it is a bouquet, special flowers, or any gift, you can’t wait to present it. There is nothing like the feeling of excitement when you order something online!


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Rationale Behind App Development for eCommerce Businesses

Because it enables them to communicate directly with their customers, eCommerce enterprises need to have an app. They have a platform to display their goods and services thanks to it as well. The establishment of an app can also assist eCommerce organisations in tracking the preferences and actions of their clients.

Today, having an e-commerce app that can be used whenever and from anywhere is a more important asset for the effective operation of any firm. An application can significantly improve the sequence of events that govern commercial transactions since retail is primarily conducted through mobile and online platforms.


Choose Your Pickup & Delivery App Development Company With the Future in Mind

When it comes to choosing a pickup & delivery app development company, it’s important to keep the future in mind. You want to choose a company that will still be around in a few years and that has a good reputation. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a company:


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