How to Develop an Android App: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile applications are the most widely used way to increase sales and customer engagement towards the brand. Business owners develop their applications for generating more profit for their businesses. Android is an ideal platform for creating a lot of business opportunities and connecting more employees through it. This article will help if you want complete guidance on how to develop an Android app and the things to consider before developing it.

Things to Consider Before Developing an Android App

Before developing an Android app, there are various things to consider for successful development: things to consider before developing an app

Conduct Market Research

You should do extensive market research to know about current market trends. It helps in identifying the strategies your rivals follow and the mistakes they are making. You must avoid those mistakes and come up with the best strategy to develop an Android app. Market research also finds the demands of your target audience, evaluates them, and makes a correct decision on them.

Target Audience

After conducting market research, you must know about your target audience, their needs, and preferences. You will only then be able to build an Android app that meets their specific needs and resonate with the right group of individuals. Additionally, it is essential to monitor their changing needs and keep updating an app that remains valuable to them.

Justify the Reason for App Development

Before creating an Android app, you must have a clear vision for the app development. Having a clear understanding of the app functionality leads to great design and successful development. It is essential to keep a vision for development and must align with organizational goals.

Get Monetization Options

Monetization of an app is one of the main focuses of the Android app development process. There are several methods to monetize an app, including paid-premium apps, in-app purchases, freemium apps, in-app ads, subscriptions, and many more. Before selecting any monetization technique, you must ensure it is best for your audience and app. Choosing the right monetization option and planning accordingly leads to the chances of financial access.

Determine the Development Cost of an Android App

There are numerous factors to consider while determining the development cost of your application. These factors must be analyzed before setting up budget boundaries. The factors are divided into different stages of the development process and each stage carries a cost. The cost also depends on the geographical location and the nature of the company.

Choosing the Best App Development Company

You can choose the development method for creating an Android app on your own or hiring an app development company. For choosing the best Android app development company, you must check all the technologies they use, their app-making process, and their coding skills. You can also contact the companies they have already worked with.

Plan for App Store Optimization (ASO)

Once the development phase finishes, you publish that app to Google Play Store. It is required to optimize it to enhance its downloads and visibility to the users. There are various elements to optimize an app, including:
  • Application name
  • Visual graphics
  • Using relevant keywords
  • App description
  • Using reviews and ratings

Ensuring Security Measures

You must decide on the security measures in which an app needs sensitive data to operate. It contains the information to be collected and the way it is used. Mobile app security has grown to be a crucial issue that cannot be taken lightly. You should have the place to gather, manage, and retain the actual user data as well as to handle any security threats that might arise.

Steps Required to Develop an Android Application

Steps Required to Develop an 
Android Application

Generating an Idea

It happens when you shortlist an idea that is important and amazing. An app idea can only be viewed as a mobile app that can solve the problem of the target audience. Market research, competitor analysis, and establishing well-documented goals can determine an app idea. This will provide you with a thorough understanding of the market and enhance your market research.

Design an Android Application

Now, you have to design an application identifying the target audience, features, budget, and timeline. You conceptualize and visualize the basic functionality of an app and its user interface. Having a good user interface enhances customer engagement and should not be lost while using an app. After designing, figuring out APIs is the next phase in this designing process. It enables you to create an app from scratch and use an existing architecture to base your app.

Android App Development

You must create a fully functional prototype while creating an Android application. This is the time when you create a developer account and plan for publishing an app to the Google Play Store. An application is released to some users for testing purposes and implements all major features.

Testing an Application

Testing an Android application repeatedly will never be enough to guarantee that it is error-free and ready for every user. Mobile app software testing is conducted during the development stage and it could be expensive when you are too far along in this stage. During this stage, you should extensively test the application to ensure it adheres to the goals you had set for it.

Launch and Maintain

After successful testing of an Android application, you can now publish it to the Google Play Store. Once you publish an app, you have to maintain that app regularly to keep customers engaged and provide them with new features. Regular maintenance of an app makes the app updated to the current version and remains suitable for fulfilling your needs.


It seems to be an overwhelming and lengthy development process that requires time, effort, and money to invest in it. But if you do it right, it bridges the gap to consistently ensure quality and performance after release. If you follow the above mentioned steps carefully, you will get an app functioning smoothly and efficiently to meet your needs. While developing an app, you can also consult our technical experts and take help from them in app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time does it take to create an app?

Ans: The time taken for creating an app depends on the various factors essential to developing an Android app. Basically, it takes 900-1000 hours to develop an app with minimum functionalities. Android app development time highly depends on the user requirements and app complexity.

Q: What is the cost of creating an Android application?

Ans: Android app development cost depends on the app’s complexity, location, complexity, and timeline. Typically, mobile app development companies cost $10000-$150000 for app development. They shift their budget as per the requirements of the customers.

Q: How to ensure app success after launch?

Ans: Once your app is launched on the Google Play Store, monitor it on a regular basis and make required changes as per current market trends. You can track key performance indicators for measuring the success of an Android app even after making changes to them.
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