Discover the 25 Best Augmented Reality Apps: Step Into The Future

Augmented Reality is a technology that improves the real world through computer-generated elements. It seamlessly integrates virtual objects with the physical environment, providing users with an interactive and immersive experience. AR apps use cameras and sensors of mobile devices to overlay digital content, creating a composite view of the real and virtual worlds. This article provides you with the best Augmented Reality (AR) applications and the types you need to know.

What is an Augmented Reality App?

An Augmented Reality (AR) app is a software application that integrates digital visual content into the user’s physical environment. These apps are utilized to add digital layers to actual objects for the majority of the time. This is similar to how the majority of virtual reality applications build digital layers for actual settings. AR apps use sensors to gather data in real-time and combine digital and physical information.

What are the types of AR Apps & Why Do We Need AR?

Mobile app development companies use Augmented Reality (AR), the most popular technology trends that is evolving day by day. It enables you to visualize real-life environments with a digital augmentation overlay.

Need of an AR

AR technology is essential for a variety of purposes, including:
  • Improving productivity, eliminating actual workspaces, and producing remote operations
  • Enhancing awareness and loyalty of your brand among customers
  • Easy access to cover digital information on the physical one
  • Enhancing decision-making through suggestions and ideas for search terms
  • Turn your data and insights into easily understandable images or animations

Types of AR Apps

AR app development company promotes user experiences by embracing rich and innovative ways of representing digital content. It is made possible with the help of using different types of apps for augmented reality like:

Marker-based AR Apps

Marker-based AR applications are also known as recognition-based AR that identify the pattern of an image. It finds the object in front of the camera and displays the collected information on the screen. These applications use data from machine-readable barcodes to produce images. The replacement of the marker on the screen with a 3D depiction of the associated object. Object recognition depends on the marker that replaces it on the screen through 3D versioning of associated objects. market based ar apps

Markerless AR Apps

Markerless AR apps are the most prominent smartphone applications in the industry. These applications analyze the features displayed in real-time data without the camera. It analyzes data from the mobile’s GPS, accelerometer, and digital compass to determine the user’s concentration. These applications are used to display location-based data about what the camera can view on the screen.

Projection-based AR Apps

Projection-based AR apps create virtual 3D objects in the user’s environment and offer digital information. It projects artificial light onto actual flat surfaces to make an illusion of the position, orientation, and depth of an object. You can move freely around the environment within a designated zone. These types of apps support building cycles-specific digital IDs and feedback for process optimization.

Superimposition-based AR Apps

Superimposition-based AR apps are used to completely or partially replace an object’s original view with an updated augmented view for the human eye. Multiple views of a target object give superimposition augmented reality, with the opportunity to display additional pertinent information about that object.

Location-based AR Apps

Location-based AR apps rely on geographical data of specified locations to deliver digital images as markerless AR apps. It defines visual positions in your surroundings and maps the real-world environment. This Kind of AR app detects a match with the mapped location to superimpose digital imagery accordingly. It allows you to show your creativity and useful digital content to graphical points within an app.

List of Top Augmented Reality Apps in 2023

Augmented Reality (AR) apps are the best ways to experience real-time objects and provide solutions for various scenarios. Here is the list of top AR applications that you must know:

Google Maps

Google Maps app has added AR capabilities that map instructions utilizing arrows for simple navigation. It enables you to view every virtual object through a camera as if it were a real one, giving you a realistic experience. Google Maps with AR features even persons with disabilities can use the app. Even persons with disabilities can use Google Maps with augmented reality features. Download: iOS and Android Rating: 4.3

Google Translate

Google Translate is the finest AR app for making it more practical and user-friendly. You can take a picture of the text and have Google Translate it into something you can understand. The ability to use it offline depends on the language pack that you have downloaded. This app is useful for resolving language issues when traveling to new locations. Download: iOS and Android Rating: 4.3


GIPHY World is a free augmented reality app that brings GIFs and stickers to real life. This app allows you to add animated GIFs to the video and spice up communication. You can record real-world videos and take pictures to edit them with AR-based GIFs and stickers. The AR-generated media can be shared through email, phone, or social media. Download: iOS and Android Rating: 4.5

Google Lens

Google Lens has the AR ability to identify the object and provides you with the required information to enhance the search experience. It scans photographs for text, objects, images, and landmarks to give more information about them. Google Lens identifies the object, tells you what the text says, and also stores important numbers. Download: iOS and Android Rating: 4.4


Snapchat is the best and most widely used augmented reality-based social media application. It is an app that unleashes your creativity and builds entirely new augmented reality experiences for users. Snapchat has expanded a lot with AR technology and enhanced the consumer fanbase.  Download: iOS and Android Rating: 4.4


Instagram is an evolving app for promoting businesses and increasing brand awareness among people. Well-known and most prominent brands use AR filters in Instagram stories to run their campaigns. AR-integrated Instagram enables you to attract more audiences and know them better. Instagram Download: iOS and Android  Rating: 4.3

IKEA Place

IKEA Place is also one of the best augmented reality apps that aim to make home decor virtually using AR technology. This app detects the area and puts the objects to suit the location before buying it from the IKEA store. It is beneficial in saving time, money, and effort in designing the interior. IKEA supports drag and drop functionality to move the objects and finalize them for home.   Download: iOS and Android  Rating: 4.4


Augment is a free augmented reality application that captures a 3D image of an object to place in a virtual environment before purchasing it. This app is widely used by e-commerce businesses and shop owners to create their product visualization for marketing purposes. It augments the image and embeds it on e-commerce websites or platforms. Download: iOS and Android  Rating: 3.9


ModiFace uses AR technology to scan the face and apply beauty products digitally in real time. This app gives you suggestions of beauty products, a hairstyle that suits you, and how to do your makeup. Shade calibration scans and analyzes information through AR about makeup shades and delivers photo-realistic results. Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated data is derived from data contributed by cosmetics companies through ModiFace SDK.   Download: Android Rating: 4.8


Amazon has embedded AR features in it that enable you to try virtual products in real-world environments. As augmented reality is evolving, businesses are using AR features in product advertisements that make shopping easy and stay ahead of the competition. Amazon collaborates with L’Oréal to bring AR experience to beauty shoppers.  Download: iOS and Android Rating: 4.5

Other Apps

Various mobile apps are having AR features based on different categories. You could come to know what the market looks like and how it is evolving. Below are some other AR-featured mobile apps:
  • Magicplan
  • Roar
  • TapMeasure
  • Amikasa
  • Wana Kicks
  • YouCam Makeup
  • uMake
  • Pokemon Go
  • Shopify AR
  • Houzz
  • SketchAR
  • Quiver 
  • Knightfall AR
  • Holo
  • Angry Birds AR

Final Thoughts

Augmented Reality apps have opened up a new realm of possibilities, blending the virtual and physical worlds to create immersive and engaging experiences. From gaming to education, interior design to language translation, the top 25 AR apps mentioned above showcase the diverse applications of this transformative technology. By harnessing the power of augmented reality, tecHangouts enables you to step into the future and explore a world enriched with digital content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What mobile app can I access augmented reality?

A: There are a lot of mobile apps providing virtual experiences in different categories, including shopping, home decor, marketing, navigation, and cosmetics. AR-based mobile apps are Snapchat, Instagram, Google Maps, GIPHY World, Google Translate, IKEA Place, Augment, Amazon, and many more.   

Q. Do you need a special app for AR?

A: No, we don’t need a special app to enjoy or make an augmented reality experience. Today, there are numerous mobile apps available that provide AR functionalities as mentioned above. Moreover, web-based AR is another way to experience the real world virtually through webpages. 

Q. How do I use AR on my iPhone?

A: iPhone users can also use AR on their devices. Mobile apps are available in the Apple App Store to experience the virtual world using different methods:
  • Using Measures App
  • Using Snapchat
  • Using Warby Parker App
  • Using Maps App
  • Using ARki App
  • Using IKEA Space App
  • Using Clips App
  • Using JigSpace App
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